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Turkish UFO, paranormal, esoteric researcher � writer, and
author of several best-selling books in her native land. Fluent in Turkish, English and Spanish, she�s known on several continents as an authority on UFO�s, paranormal and the metaphysical. Farah�s gifts as a psychic medium were recently a featured in TLC's paranormal investigation TV series DEAD TENANTS. She is a columnist for the leading monthly publication UFO Magazine and a journalist/ producer at Jerry Pippin Internet Radio. Though her work reflects a passion for all aspects of the paranormal, her main area of study is abductions and close encounters. Farah continues her work as a UFO researcher, writer and lecturer, and appears in major UFO conferences all over the United States from Roswell to California, Nevada to New York City.
Farah Yurdozu
Farah Yurdozu workshop on
12 - 1:30 pm, Sunday, October 17, 2010
Exclusive UFO Videos From Turkey
Farah Yurdozu speaks at Free Your Mind Conference
April 9-10,2011 PA
Farah Yurdozu is teaching "Introduction to UFOlogy" class for IMU